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Post  SWITCHFM on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:00 pm

*LE NOUVEAU LOOK: Right off the bat with this song, you get a taste of a new musical direction that the group has taken after the departure of their former popular vocalist. The music actually TO ME sounds like a mixed bag with certain parts (GROOVE) of it sounding like the old Nu Look flavor, and other parts sounding different than the usual Nu Look. The message being sent basically is that no matter who leaves the band, NU LOOK IS AN INSTITUTION that will remain.

There is actually a part where PIPO says "LARIVIERE" just before Arly's first solo for the song comes in, that actually reminds me of GAZZMAN. I actually can picture GAZZMAN saying that "LARIVIERE" part because for so many years he made THAT call one of his signatures on Nu Look songs. That call and and chant "WE WE WE WE WE" might work at bals and concerts/festivals. Nice catchy keyboard groove on this track that will have bodies grooving at bals. TI PAPI's guitar on this track has SON LA RI flavor that will please. This is actually NOT a bad track to introduce the CD and their new singer Pipo. I can't say for sure of if it's going to be a hit or not though.

*WASN'T MEANT TO BE: The first of ARLY Lariviere lead vocals on the cd follows the same proven hit formula that the superstar is known for. PAIN, SUFFERING, HEARTBREAK...You know the drill. After Arly does the usual story telling intro, the song doesn't really start until the 2:35 mark when the English background vocals come in. HIT HIT HIT HIT...Did I say MEGA HIT?

I also like this new keyboard sound that ARLY seems to be using on this track, I don't think I've ever heard him use that. The song takes you to the climax when that KILLER SOLO KEYBOARD comes in at the 4:28 mark. Heck, to some THAT KEYBOARD Might be the only thing they remember from the is just that addictive. I call it the "GADON'W PWOBLEM" keyboard. TI HAROLD does a magnificent job with the background vocals on this song, and I am very interested to see how the group will reciprocate this fast and complicated background chorus LIVE. Arly and the lyrics on this track are A +. HIT SONG...WITHOUT A DOUBT!

*JOU'M RENKONTRE'W: New keyboard SOUNDS kick off this song. 1:37 keyboard when Arly comes in catches your attention.....he does it again in the song later on and it just simply is the highlight of the song as it will be the screamer when they play it LIVE. THIS SONG SOUNDS LIKE THE DIFFERENT NU LOOK more so than the kickoff track. This song did not really leave a major impression on me except for that killer keyboard and also a nice turn on the guitar later in the song from TI PAPI. This song has GROOVE APPROVAL from me, apart from that, it did not really do much for me. GROOV KEYBOARD LA seulman might or should I say "will" make them like this song.

*A QUI LA FAUTE: This is the kind of song that you wished NU LOOK printed out the lyrics to their songs on their cds. Arly does not get the credit that he deserves for his vocals in my opinion. This is the song that the lovers of "Souvenir", "LANMOU NOU PAP JANM FINI" will love. The less commercial but more musically rich love track that Arly always sticks in there on every Nu Look cd. Song talking about WHO from the couple is responsible for the demise of the relationship. It will reach a lot of people because of the words.

The usual SHOUTOUT that sits well on the Arly songs of the past such as the one made famous to Country and Paz in "Souvenir", scores well here on this one when he says "COUNTRY...Pandan map plinyin, ZAGALO ak BS ap Minnin". LAP BIEN PASSE. This song will SCORE for the artist also. It will score in the ARTISTRY department showing how much of a musical genius he is, and it will also score on the charts/Live circuit. BEL ZA'M MAESTRO. I am singing the chorus non-stop.

*LI PA NORMAL: Problems facing the country seems to be the order of the day for this song. Because of the subject, I can imagine this being a favorite to play on the radios in Haiti especially. THAT MESSAGE will have a lot of people relating to it. It does have the vibe of the OLD NU LOOK Compas direct in there to remind the fans that the MUSICAL STRUCTURE of the group is still there.

PIPO does drop some nice vocals on this track, but there are also times on this track where I feel as if he is straining his voice a bit trying to keep with the pace of the song. RALPH CONDE has a nice guitar solo on this track. Nevertheless, while I don't expect it to be one of the songs that stands out LIVE in the long run (I could be wrong), I DO EXPECT IT TO GET LOTS OF RADIO AIRPLAY. BEL GROOVE + BEL SUJET.

*PASKE'M JALOU: ARLY Lariviere collaboration with Mickael Guirand of CARIMI and MIKABEN. From the first note you can tell it is catered to a younger and different market than the majority of Nu Look fans. Think of it as a song that ARLY would probably have dropped on his SOLO CD featuring the 2 other stars. Mickael and Mikaben represent well on the track. Mickael drops the funny line of the song when Arly starts reciting a list of ladies name and then Carimi's vocalist says "SE YON DICTIONE". This strategy move can and will get ARLY and Nu Look some "new" fans for sure, so we'll also see if Arly will do a music video for this track or not. (Lol).

The lead keyboard flows very well throughout the song. Only downside is...Will NU LOOK be able to play this song LIVE on a regular basis? Nevertheless, a very nice move if the intention is to try and get a different fan base to add to the one that the group already has. TI MEDAMES YO di ke ARLY, MICKAEL, and MIKABEN "JALOU". There's a part at the end of the song where Arly says "SA POKO JANM FET NON LA" (This has never been done before), I wonder what exactly he is talking about, if he's talking about on a NU LOOK cd or any HMI cd? TVICE had TI JOE Zenny, Carimi had Mikaben on their songs before, so that is something that I have to ask him about what he means by that. Having said that, this song will do what it is meant to do, which is get another fan base to pay attention to Nu Look/Arly Lariviere.

*NOU PRAN NAN MERA: "Gin sa ki di yo gin kle Compas, Gin sa ki di yo se ROI Compas...SI MEN AN DIFFICULTE...NOU PAT DWE AP FETE" (Jab perhaps at a couple of bands from NU LOOK)...NOU FENK LAGE...OU GINTAN PANIKE...OU TE PANSE SE YON JWET? This is NU LOOK'S "SWAG" song on the cd. This track is the one where they flex their COMPAS MUSCLES. LA RI MAYI MOULIN, Bragging, it has that raw Miami Compas sound, and I predict that THIS IS THE NU LOOK "PIPO" SONG that will most likely appeal the most to the HARDCORE COMPAS Nu Look fans.

It has a nice keyboard and guitar track, and this is the track that PIPO shows the most confidence and seems the most comfortable from the tracks that I've heard so far. I loved this song from the very first listen. KM Members Choubenz and Zipgenel get their "thank You" shout outs from Pipo on this track, based on the orders of the leader Arly Lariviere. (Laughs) PIPO SCORES BIG TIME ON THIS SONG.

*PAYS..JEUNESSE. FUTUR: ARLY goes a different route as he jumps into the political/social aspect of the country. A message and criticism to "some" about WHAT HAVE THEY DONE FOR HAITI....ANYIN. SE PA DI SA'W KA FE NON...SE FE'L. The "PA FE ANYIN" will do very very very well on radio and also at bals. OU KON'N SON THERAPY MWEN YE POU YO...MAP JWE COMPAS POU YO says Arly Lariviere. This also is a bit more uptempo than what Arly is used to sing with Nu Look. I LOVE THIS SONG...and I believe a lot of people will too. MESSAJ SONG WITH SOME NICE GROOVES.

*DESTINATION FINALE: I've played this song back to back to back, and even though it has some good stuff in there, I just can't help but put a tag of "FILLER" song on it. Pipo does his best with what is given to him here, but I really feel that after having sung 5 UPTEMPO/MIDTEMPO songs on this cd, a COMPAS LOVE/SLOW track would have done a lot of good here for PROPHET LA. This song to me is an "OK" song that really does not move me that much. Don't get me wrong, it is a cool composition, but it simply lacking that "WOW" factor.

*MANVI PRAN'W: RALPH CONDE takes the lead on this track. This is the usual easy on the mouth and ears melodies that Ralph always brings to the table. Another "different color/flavor" to give more variety to the cd. It sounds a lot like a style that classic "ZIN" would have on their cd at the peak of their popularity. I enjoyed the track...ESPECIALLY THE CHORUS. We're not sure how often Ralph will get to play it LIVE since the group is trying to establish their new lead singer PIPO with his own repertoire, and also with Arly who has to sing his songs as well. A suivre.

*SO WHAT: The beginning of this cd version in terms of the chorus sounds different than the original that was released as a single. Some parts of this new version sounds more "polished" than the hardcore compas that was released as a single...I believe it has to do with the CHORUS that might have been re-done. DJ PAZ does get his shoutout on this track, not sure or maybe I can't remember if it was on the original. This is strong beautiful HARDCORE COMPAS and NU LOOK fans will appreciate THIS SONG more after listening to the whole NU LOOK CD. To me, it is another track where PIPO represents very well.

*BOTTOM LINE: Here is the bottom line, NU LOOK fans or those who have turned against Gazzman can jump up and down all they want and deny it, they are going to miss GAZZMAN on a NU LOOK CD. They can't deny that the ARLY/GAZZMAN combination was simply pure magic, and there are certain parts on this CD, especially when Pipo says "LARIVIERE", the only person or voice that comes to mind is GAZZMAN. NU LOOK hardcore fans..STOP BEING IN DENIAL on that one. Having said that, ARLY LARIVIERE shows that he is able to adapt WITHOUT his former singer, and can continue on his musical journey simply based on his musical prowess. ARLY LARIVIERE GIN GRO BIBIT MUSICAL and he proves it on this cd.

ARLY's genius in terms of the Compas genre is a credit that even his haters MUST admit....YOU CAN'T TAKE IT AWAY FROM HIM...and HE DESERVES IT. Not only does he display that he can survive without his former singer of 10 years, he also shows that if he wanted to, he could go in another direction musically and still make it. (The JALOU track with MIKA and MICKAEL Guirand being an example). ARLY's songs are what will carry this cd.

PIPO in my opinion does what is needed from him to deliver on the cd. I feel a "restrained" PIPO on this cd, a PIPO doing what he is asked to do on the songs rather than him just TAKING OVER like he's done in the past on HANGOUT and BELDJAZ cds. His best performance to me on the cd are in the songs "NOU PRAN NAN MERA" and "SO WHAT".

ARLY made a MAJOR MISTAKE by not giving PIPO a slow COMPAS LOVE song to sing on the cd. That is what he is BEST AT, so he should have been given one POU LAYITE KO'L. PIPO also made a MAJOR MISTAKE by not accepting Arly's offer to come with a song or two of his own. MISSED OPPORTUNITY as you clearly see THAT is missing on the cd. The ARLY/PIPO "connection" on CD is NOT TIGHT YET, but it is coming along nicely, so on the next cd, I expect the magic to be BETTER than what was delivered here. As far as if PIPO can co-captain the NU LOOK ship.....YES 100%. He can and will do the job, especially now that he has his own repertoire.

*NU LOOK HARDCORE COMPAS FANS might have a little difficulty digesting some of the songs on the cd, but they will also find music to their liking on there with songs such as "NOU PRAN NAN MERA", "LI PA NORMAL"

*ARLY LARIVIERE will have some fans again saying that he composes better for HIMSELF rather than for HIS SINGERS because once again on a NU LOOK CD, HIS SONGS are simply above the rest of whatever else on the cd. Having said that, maybe it's because he delivers his songs extremely you can't fault him for that....can you?

*MY FAVORITE SONGS are "Wasn't Meant To Be", "Nou Pran Nan Mera", "A Qui La Faute", "Pays, Jeunesse, Futur"

*KEEPING IT REAL TIME: ARLY LARIVIERE fans will LOVE this cd. GAZZMAN fans won't love the cd. "Real" NU LOOK FANS (The ones that love Arly/Gazzman)...some will love it, some will not. I look at it this way, ARLY LARIVIERE is the CHEF in cooking class, and he is a very good damn chef. Gazzman was "DURI BLAN", PIPO IS "DURI COLE", what he is doing on this cd is instead of serving you white rice, he is giving you brown rice with other types of food that you have never been served with. SI OU RINMIN BON MANJE...CHEF LA DELIVRE SOU CD SA.

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